Three To Thrive 13/01/18

Welcome to the first Three to Thrive of the year!

We've spent the first couple of weeks creating our goals and setting the plans for the future. If you're yet to create goals, we've written a blog post here about how we do it.

We are Reading:

Leaders Eat Last - Simon Sinek 

We've started the year by learning how to lead. By understanding why some people are better at leading than others we can improve ourselves. We've all had a boss that hasn't instilled any confidence in us, and we've also worked with others that inspire us to grow and learn. Simon Sinek believes that we can become better leaders by creating a circle of trust, protecting those within the circle from the risks outside of it. Great businesses protect their employs like a family, bad ones will blame their employees to satisfy people outside the circle. 

We are Watching:

The Crown - Season 2

Ok, whilst this might not be called "motivational" we enjoy it, so it's going in to T2T. When we watch it we feel like we're right there with the Queen. It might be "Fiction" but not when we're watching it. It's thought provoking watching Her Majesty control everything but the relationships around her. Basically, we love it.

We are Listening to:

StarTalk Podcast - with Neil deGrasse Tyson

We love space, not just the type of space you get when you clean the floor and your apartment looks twice the size, but the space that has planets and stars in it. Getting a grasp on reality and understanding that we live in a gigantic universe can be so liberating. It's worth remembering when we get bogged down with day to day issues. So listen to this podcast, and remember, keep looking up.


Question to Ponder:

Oh yeah, new section! There are questions we ponder all the time, and we want your opinion. Start the discussion on the T2T instagram post, we would love to know your thoughts, to help us clarify ours'.

This week we're pondering: What is our life's work? And do we need one? Is understanding this the key to unlocking what we want to do with our lives? Do you have something you would call your "life's work"?
Help us out!

Stay Hydrated  X

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