The British Millerain

 glass & bow book waxed cotton bow tieWhen we were choosing fabrics for our first bow tie collection, we knew it had to do a lot.

Luke wears bow ties to remind him to pursue his goals and get stuck into problems, that's his thing. So we wanted strong, colourful and interesting fabrics. Waxed cotton fits the bill, it's been used for over a hundred years to keep sailors dry, soldiers warm and farmers pushing through all seasons.
Waxed Cotton Bow Ties 
Where better to source our waxed cotton than the oldest manufacturer of Waxed Cotton - The British Millerain. These guys have been making waxed cotton since 1880, and in the process have bought companies like Francis Webster, who had been coating cotton with linseed oil since the 1700's (linseed oil turning cloth into the familiar yellow sailor cloth!).
The British Millerain continues to make their waxed cotton in Lancashire, and we're proud to partner with them to bring our debut adventure, The Science Collection.
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british millerain